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16th Oct 2018

There’s An Updated Whatsapp Feature That’s Going To Cause Mayhem In Group Chats

Darragh Berry

We all love the sacred Whatsapp Group chats which were made for plans that are never adhered to, work conversations about the boss and bitching sessions galore.

And nearly all of us have been caught out by sending a message to the wrong person or putting an ‘inappropriate meme’ in the work group chat.

And a few months ago, Whatsapp answered our prayers by introducing the ‘delete’ button.

A gift from the Gods some might say.

But this feature is about to change and update in a serious way that will do no one any favours.

It will now become more difficult to delete messages because there will now be a time limit to how long Whatsapp will spend trying to erase the message from a users’ chat.

This means that a mistaken message might still be read by the recipient.

According to WhatsApp update tracker WABetaInfo, Whatsapp will now only try to delete messages for 13 hours, eight minutes and 16 seconds.

Meaning that if you send a message by mistake to someone and if their phone is dead for more than the time limit above, they will still get the message.

This updated feature will be rolled out on November 12.

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