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03rd Apr 2018

You Can Now Use Your Leap Card To Access GoCar In Dublin

James Fenton

Are you getting tired of your daily commute but don’t see the point of owning a car in Dublin? If so, a solution to both of those problems may just have arrived. 

The National Transport Authority and GoCar have announced Dubliners will now be able to access the car sharing scheme by using their Leap Cards. The news will be welcomed by transport users who are keen to find a new way of getting around the city how exactly is it going to work? 

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GoCar users and those who are yet to sign up (you can do so at will need to click ‘Add a Card’ in the Access Card section of the app before selecting a vehicle and, once found,  holding their Leap Card to the card reader on the windscreen. When this is confirmed, they can then use this Leap Card in future to access GoCar.

Announcing the news, Darragh Genockey, Sales & Operations Manager of GoCar said:

‘We’re delighted to be able to integrate Leap Cards into the GoCar service. Our mission is to provide an attractive alternative to car ownership, and we believe the integration of public transport, Dublin Bikes bike sharing, and GoCar car sharing all on the Leap Card is another positive addition to this alternative. 

‘We know that over 80% of our members do not own a car and over 60% use public transport every week, so this innovation will make their journeys a little easier and their wallets or purses a little lighter.’

Screen Shot 2018 04 03 At 16 49 52

GoCar rates start at €8 per hour with 50km of driving included on each trip. 

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