10 Insanely Cute Dogs You Can Adopt In Dublin Right Now

Time to take the plunge

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We're big dog lovers here at Lovin Dublin and we thought we'd brighten up your Sunday by sharing some insanely cute dogs that are up for adoption right now up at Dogs Trust

The guys up there do such unbelievable work and at the moment they have over 180 dogs that are awaiting rehoming. As you can see they come in all shapes and sizes, but this is a WAY better option than buying designer dogs from puppy farms where the animals are usually imported and often mistreated.

Look at their little faces. Time to give them a forever home...

1. Baloo (Dalmatian)

Baloo is a firm favourite with all the staff and volunteers at Dogs Trust. 

He's a fun-loving, energetic doggy who is looking for an active owner with a love of the great outdoors. His new owner must have patience and be involved in his ongoing training after his history of abandonment and kennel living. He can often feel quite stressed, poor thing, and needs an owner who will enjoy continuing to train him. 

Any time with this doggy would be priceless. 

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2.Amber (Terrier: Pit Bull)

If you're looking for an easy-going, fun and bouncy pal, then Amber would be a great addition to your family!

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3. Beau (Spitz: Japanese)

Beau adores his carers but it takes him awhile to trust new people. He finds it difficult to settle in new environments – it ain't easy. His new home will need to be quite spacious to allow him the space he needs when he feels overwhelmed. 


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4. Kyia (Boxer)

Poor Kyia has been through the wars. When she first came to Dogs Trust she was not in a good way. Her skin and bones needed plenty of TLC, but she feels terribly insecure. Poor gal.

Unfortunately Kyia hasn't found her forever home yet, having already been returned from a few homes but she's a dote and just needs someone she can depend on, someone who'll help her through her anxieties and provide her with a safe, loving and quiet home. 

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5. Monica (Jack Russell Terrier)

Arriving here pregnant, Monica raised her puppies and now she is ready to make someone very happy. She's very friendly with people and dogs and has a fun loving, busy little personality. She can be a little shy at the start but once she gets to know you she be your best friend.

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6. Peig (Spaniel Cross)

Peig is an active gal who loves long walks and exploring. Ideally, she'd love a home in a quiet area, as she doesn't like too much commotion. She's also quite particular about her mates – so she'd prefer to be the only madra in the house. 

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7. Pluto (Terrier: Pit Bull)

Pluto needs an adult-only home as he's super strong and bouncy. 

He also needs someone who'll be home most of the day with him, as he hates being left along. 

If you work from home then this could be the perfect companion for you. 

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8. Ross (Staffordshire Cross)

Ross has had his heart broken in the past. He needs an adult-only home with someone who is home full time to help him learn to trust people again so he knows he's not going to be let down again. 

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9. Sparky (Lurcher)

Sparky adores his creature comforts and can often be seen stretched out on his lavish bed as he awaits the attention of his human servants. 

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10. Bear (Caucasian Shepherd)

Bear's a big one, and a beautiful one. He could weigh as much as 80kg when he's fully grown and is looking for a dedicated home to help with his ongoing training. He needs an adult-only home due to his size and strength. 

He's a keeper – just look at him!

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Dogs are forever, remember, not just for Christmas. 

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