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Someone Has Shared A Pic Of An ‘Absolute Abomination’ Of A Roll They Received In Dublin

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We’ve seen some pretty poorly-constructed rolls in our time with this example from a few weeks back still fresh in the memory.

In the aforementioned case, the chicken is quite clearly the problem but in this picture shared by Reddit user Rosho44 today, it’s the cheese that’s causing Irish internet users to avert their eyes.

The offending roll was purchased in Sandyford and features broken up slices of cheese haphazardly placed on top of the other fillings, barely even making it into the bread at all. The user also specified that they had asked for the cheese to be placed in first.

Take a look below, if you dare…

Screen Shot 2019 01 02 At 19 54 45

We’re sorry you had to see that.

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