PICS: Aungier Danger Is Giving Away FREE Doughnuts At Its New Store Tomorrow


Aungier Doughnut

Aungier Danger, one of our favourite doughnut shops in Dublin, is opening a brand new store on George's Street tomorrow and to celebrate the team will be handing out free greasy treats for all you beautiful people.

The freebies will commence when the shop opens at 8.30am and finish up at 10am, so we'd advise you'd get in that queue nice and early.

Take a look at the shop as it is right now...

Aungier 1
Aungier 2
Aungier 3
Aungier 4

While it doesn't look like much just yet, owner Phil Costello and his crew intend to be putting the finishing touches on the new shop up until it opens its doors early tomorrow.

They'll also be offering a new, limited edition doughnut, to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Called 'The Dream', the doughnut is raspberry ripple crush-flavoured and all proceeds from it will go to Sports Against Racism Ireland.

Doughnut Main
Aungier Doughnut

There will also be Bob Dylan doughnut tomorrow, celebrating the fact that he's just won the Nobel Prize for literature today.

While the new Aungier Danger will be open its doors at 8.30am tomorrow, its normal opening hours will be Monday-Friday 7.30am till sold out, and Saturday and Sunday from 10am till sold out.

Will you be stopping by tomorrow? 

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