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25th Apr 2020

Gavin James is hosting an online quiz on Sunday night

James Fenton

Gavin James has already conquered the world of music so obviously the next natural step is to organise an online quiz for a nation of social distancers.

With video calling now Ireland’s main form of communication, quizzing has become everyone’s latest hobby and Gavin James is no different. The singer (real name Gavin Wigglesworth, bet you didn’t know that), has been spending the past few weeks entertaining followers with Instagram performances but he’s going down a different road altogether on Sunday night.

Taking to the platform last night, Gavin wrote ‘Feck it I’m doing a quiz on Sunday at 7pm!!!!! There’s only space for 100 people. Sign up now and I’ll pick 100 and announce on Sunday at 1pm.’

Seeing that Gavin has 128,000 followers, you’d want to be quick to sign up if 100 people is the cut-off point. All you need to do is follow this link, enter your name and your Instagram handle and Gavin will pick 100 lucky contestants to take part tomorrow night.

Given the profession of the quizmaster, there’s sure to be plenty of music questions involved. Thankfully there’s still loads of time to get cramming.

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