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31st Jan 2019

PIC: This Stupid Van Driver Obstructed The Luas In The Worst Way Possible Today

Darragh Berry

The mind boggles sometimes when we think about how some people went about getting their licences.

Never forget that before Christmas, this simpleton parked in the middle of Wicklow Street and left his car here for hours.

But what was even worse than that was his response to the Gardaí when he finally returned.

But, we’ve found a competitor for him when it comes to worst driver in Dublin.

This clown in a white van parked right beside the luas tracks today making it next to near impossible for the Luas to pass.

Luas Van Driver Dublin Main

Photo credit: Reddit.

The Luas made an attempt to pass and luckily, just about skimmed past the van but people said that the Luas should have “stopped and called the Gardaí.”

Another said: “If it’s not a bike lane a white van man blocks it’s something else. They will continue to do it as long as the guards refuse to do anything.”

We hope this eejit got some sort of a fine.

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