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Dublin Radio DJ Calls Out Cyclist For Wearing Dark Clothing And Not Using Lights

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The wet and miserable weather this morning meant that using the roads wouldn’t have been the most enjoyable of experiences for anyone.

One of those feeling the frustration was 98FM DJ Jeremy Dixon who posted a picture to his Twitter account earlier today. The photo appears to show a cyclist on the road who isn’t using lights or wearing high-vis clothing.

The Dublin Talks presenter captioned the post with the words ‘Visibility and conditions are bad enough for us motorists today, but this cyclist thinks it’s ok to take to our roads with no lights/black jacket/black hat. This is NOT an isolated incident.’

The picture was taken at Newmarket Square in the south of the city and it sparked a number of comments both agreeing and disagreeing with Dixon. Some Twitter users responded by questioning his use of a mobile phone while driving to which Jeremy answered ‘The photo was taken by the passenger. My wife. Any more questions?’

He went on to add that ‘There’s two sides to it but these idiots cycling with no lights are on a suicide mission.’

According to CitizensInformation.ie, cyclists not using a rear light in lighting-up hours ‘may be given a caution or may be issued with a summons to appear in court.’

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