VIDEO: Cyclist Hits Ground Hard After Bike Collides With Car Near South Circular Road

"This is cycling to work everyday in Dublin. It's scary and dangerous and needs to change."

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Footage has emerged of a cyclist and a car clashing near South Circular Road in Dublin.

The video which was caught on the helmet cam by Sean Rea O'Dubhasa and shared on Twitter shows the cyclist on the left hand side of the road who seemingly gets clipped by a car who is trying to overtake them.

As a result, the cyclist lands on the floor and falls off the bike.

"I don't think this was ever going to be a 1.5m pass. Was the driver expecting the bike to take flight or evaporate maybe?" Sean says about the video before stating that:

""This is cycling to work everyday in Dublin. It's scary and dangerous and needs to change."

The video sparked a huge conversation on Twitter, with some people saying that the cyclist entered inside the yellow box and crossed in front of the car before being knocked over.

Others said that he was already in front of the driver before the car took place and that the driver is 100% at fault.

Was the cyclist at fault or was it 100% the driver's fault as some people are suggesting online? Let us know in the comments.

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