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WATCH: This Heart-Stopping Moment At The Euro 2020 Draw In Dublin Gave Us All A Massive Fright

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Cancel the ambulance, lads. We’re alright.

Republic Of Ireland fans got a massive fright at the Euro 2020 draw in Dublin today when it appeared we’d been lumped into a nightmare group containing European powerhouses Netherlands and Germany.

After our name was pulled out of the pot, an audible gasp rang around the Convention Centre and for a split second we all accepted that we probably wouldn’t be going to Euro 2020. That was until the UEFA computer came to our rescue.

One of the rules of the draw was that no more than two host nations could be grouped together and with some Euro 2020 matches taking place in Dublin, Amsterdam, and Munich, we were swiftly moved into the much more comfortable-looking group containing Switzerland and our old foes Denmark.

Phew. The change wasn’t good news for Northern Ireland, however, as they ended up been placed with the Dutch and the Germans. Eh, sorry lads.

Check out the heart-stopping moment below…

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