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12th Oct 2018

Nine Places To Grab A Tasty Bowl Of Porridge Before Work

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

It’s National Porridge Week!

It’s a known fact that if you want to start your day off right, porridge is key. It’s full of fibre, minerals and can help lower cholesterol – boom!

There seems to be this notion that porridge is no fun, and I can see why… I’m usually rushing out the door in the mornings, so my porridge is very boring and unadventurous – it usually consists of just a dollop of honey on top. There are however, unbelievable porridge bowls available in the city that will change your life. Time to treat yourself and hit one of these deadly cafés on the way to work this morning.

Breakfast 2.0

1. Eathos

Eathos is one of the coolest cafés I’ve ever been in, it’s like an Apple store but for food and coffees.

They are winning the breakfast game and their porridge bowls are A-F*cking-1.

This will give you a great kick of energy and keep you full for the day.

2. Network

Network on Camden Street is a cute little café that you could easily walk right by. Once you’ve been there once however, it will be hard not to pop in every time you pass it.

Full of fruity flavour and crunchy granola – perfection.

3. 3FE

Caramel, peanut butter, berry compote and toasted seeds, a.k.a the dream combo for a hearty bowl of porridge.

You can grab this on the go if you’re in a hurry and munch on it once you get to your desk so it’s ideal for those mornings when you’re stressed AF.

Could legit eat 10 tonnes of this stuff.

4. The Fat Fox

The Fat Fox know exactly what’s up when it comes to porridge.

If you’ve got a friend who says porridge is crap, order them this and I guarantee you’ll change their mind – They’ve just been eating it wrong up until now and this bowl is just… so right.

5. Two Pups

This beauty is made from maple caramelised banana, peanut cream and candied pecans.

Its wonderfully sweet and so delish.

6. Two Boys Brew

This is absolute breakfast goals.

It contains vanilla baked plums, cherry compote and burnt white chocolate muesli – holy moly.


7. Little Bird

Because this bowl is made with coconut milk it tastes super exotic and it’s so yummy.

Anything with cinnamon is a winner for me so I’m obsessed.

8. Urbanity

So you’ve got work to do, you’re MARVIN and you need to sit somewhere where you can nurse a coffee – Say hello to Urbanity.

You can get all your work bits done here while tucking into a fabulous bowl of tasty porridge – YAY!

Plus it’s unreal, like, LOOK at it:

9. Industry

A quirky furniture store with some fab grub.

Industry is the perfect spot to perch yourself by a window and watch the world go by.

Their porridge makes my heart sing.


Header Image:@Seanacooke

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