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18th Aug 2017

Coffee-Lovers Need To Check Out This Deadly Dublin Workshop

Alana Laverty

Whether you’re just a self-confessed coffee addict or an aspiring/experienced barista – this could be of interest to you…

If you’ve ever visited The Fat Fox on Camden Row and stopped for a chat – then you’ve probably had your ears burned off you (in a good way) about coffee by the lovely Jack Gaughran. 

Jack’s speciality coffee career started about four years ago in The Happy Pear in Greystones – you may recognise him from their Snapchat bants.

Jack worked mainly as a barista and part of the roasting team at The Happy Pear before taking off to Long Beach, California to train and work in Steelhead Coffee and Black Ring Coffee – both hugely popular. 

From there he began to travel Central America and stayed for six weeks with Peralta Coffees in Nicaragua where he learned all about farming and spent time cupping coffees. 

Needless to say, Jack became quite the expert over this time but it was time to head home. 

After all that excitement, Jack returned to The Happy Pear. 

But one fateful day he went to train the friendly folks of The Fat Fox on all things coffee… and just never left. I mean, we can’t really blame him – we’re pretty damn obsessed ourselves. 

And now?

Well, fast forward a year and Jack now wants to share his knowledge on all things coffee with any fellow enthusiasts. 

Here’s the low down: 

  • Jack & the Beantalks are usually 2.5 – 3 hours long 
  • €135 per person 
  • Max three people per class (good craic to do with your buds)
  • Classes run mid week evenings at 4.30pm / 5pm 

The workshops cover everything from farming and roasting to more concentrated focus on espresso and milk techniques.


To get in touch all you gotta do is slide into The Fat Foxes DMs on Instagram. Or message them on Facebook

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