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20th Dec 2016

The 10 Best Places To Eat Ribs In Dublin


There is nothing as tasty as some sweet sticky ribs that have been glazed to perfection with the tender meat pulling away from the bone. It brings out the caveman (or cavewoman) in us as we grab at the meat and make a holy fucking mess of ourselves despite our best intentions to keep clean and respectable. You can have most of these for either a starter or a main course but we think it’s best to go big! The top 10 places to have ribs in Dublin are….

10th. China Sichuan

The salt and pepper ribs here are a starter and a little different to the more saucy versions other places on the list offer, but these are an absolute triumph. Amazing little kick to them and have to be tried to be believed.


9th. Pitt Bros BBQ

Most people will have the ribs as part of one of the meat platters when they visit Pitt Bros, but the ribs are so good that we’d nearly say it is worth getting them on their own. Lash on a couple of sides and some of their epic sauces and you are laughing.


8th. FXB Temple Bar

One of the best butchers in town so if they don’t know how to get their hands on a good set of ribs then nobody does! The good news is that they cook them to perfection and with loads of craft beers and the lively surroundings of Temple Bar, you have the making of a great day or night ahead of you.


7th. Whitefriar Grill

These guys seem to be on nearly every list we produce these days such is the quality of their food and their execution of it. They have ribs on the menu nearly all the time but to get the very best of on offer pop in (make sure you are seriously fucking hungry) on a Sunday night and try the “Rib and Rump” for 2. Forty Yoyos for a massive plate of 3 different types of ribs.


6th. Rory’s Recipe

Eating out is great but there is no better feeling in the world than having a bunch of mates over and watching a match or a movie with a couple of big platters of ribs. Our very own Rory has put together a recipe that is so delicious and simple to make with the added of saving your money.


5th. Elephant And Castle

Right in the heart of Temple bar, these guys have been serving up good quality food for years. Whispers that they have been going downhill are grossly overestimated when you see people literally licking the sauce off their plates after a set of their ribs.


4th. Bison

This classic hipster spot down on the Quays has been doing top class BBQ for a couple of years now with their huge smoker and overnight cooking. Their ribs come beautifully glazed and with ample meat on them and you can wash them down with a couple of lovely big creamy pints once you’ve finished.


3rd. Tribeca

When you think about this place you automatically think of their chicken wings but they are just as good at a massive big plate of ribs. Walk past any day of the week and you’ll see even huge rugby type lads struggling with the portion sizes. Not for the faint hearted.


2nd. My Meat Wagon

Out of all the BBQ joints on the list we think they nail the ribs absolutely perfectly. There is something about how tender the meat is and the perfect mixture of chewiness and stickiness that makes these a seriously good treat. Very affordable too!


1st. M&L Chinese

Well off the beaten track and probably the last place you’d head to if you were looking for ribs in Dublin, but you’ll have to take our word on this one. Cooked to absolute perfection, huge portion- so huge in fact you’ll have to be rolled out of the place. Outstanding.


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