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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Places To Eat Mexican In Dublin


Rather than Irish stew or bacon and cabbage you’d swear that the national food of Ireland was the humble burrito or Mexican food in general.

You only have to look at the queues snaking out of burrito joints at lunch time or the amount of places serving up super nachos to understand our huge appetite for all things Mexican. I don’t expect everybody to agree with this list because it’s based on my own personal taste but feel free to add to it or call me out in the comments below.

10th. El Porko Loco, Stillorgan

Love this place at the weekends. Perfect if you have a bit of a hangover and want to get something on the go and eat it at home. Huge portions and big flavours.


9th. Tolteca, various locations

Rammed at lunchtime but the quick service, awesome food and quick turnaround in their various locations make this one a born winner!


8th. Taco Taco, Dame Court

Would probably be higher up the list, but the fact that it is so new means other more established spots get ahead of it. For now.

Try their tacos (obviously) and a big jug of cocktails for four and you’ll be in heaven.


7th. Xico, Baggot Street

If this was solely about partying surrounded by a cracking Mexican atmosphere, they’d be top of the list. This ‘dive’ bar is popular with the trendy Dublin set, and their food is top-notch too.


6th. Tuzo Mexican Kitchen, Dawson Street

You’ll want to get here early if you want to get fed at lunchtime, because the place is rammed full of local office workers. Super food and fast service to sit in or go make it perfect lunch spot.


5th. Azteca, Lord Edward Street

Been around for years, and don’t let the low-key exterior fool you. They serve all the classics along with some great Mexican beers and salsas – bonus marks for running Mexican cooking classes and the super value as well.


4th. Acapulco, George’s Street

Recently had a facelift after having been around for years. It’s very much the place to go with a big group of friends for a loud party, buckets of beers and nicely priced tasty Mexican food – the weekend atmosphere makes it here.


3rd. Pablo Picanté, various locations

A few locations around town, but we’ll go with the Clarendon market as they’ve got the burritos and tortas. Good Mexican beers and wresting hoods give the place an authentic feel.


2nd. Boojum, various locations

You only have to look at the queues snaking out the doors of their two Dublin locations to see how popular they are. The funny thing is, it doesn’t feel like they’re doing a whole lot different to other places – but something tastes a little better every time you go back.


1st. 777, George’s Street

The most expensive on the list, and a proper sit-down restaurant. You won’t find big fat burritos in here, but you will find not just the best Mexican food in town but some of the best food in general.

Big bold flavours, super-fresh ingredients and cocktails with a tequila focus that could have you dancing on the bar. Yes please.


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