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20th Dec 2016

The 8 Best Places For A Coffee During Web Summit


The Web Summit has officially begun which means all the top tech entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the globe have jetted in to Dublin for 3 days of tech porn. The days are packed with amazing speakers and inspirational talks so you’ll definitely need a few cups of jitter juice to keep you bright eyed and bushy tailed as you navigate through the summit’s hectic schedule. Read on for our top pick of coffee spots nearby the RDS if you don’t want to subject yourself to the RDS catering coffee!

8. Starbucks

Definitely not somewhere we’re fans of, especially compared to the countless fantastic, independent coffee shops in the city. However, the fact is that many Americans are addicted to the place and will be relieved to know there is a Starbucks within walking distance of the RDS. The upside to going here is that they open at 6.30am and have wifi so if you’re jet lagged and can’t sleep you can pop in here and get some work done before the Web Summit kicks off.


7. Donnybrook Fair

Most Dubliners are more than familiar with Donnybrook Fair, but for people travelling to Dublin for the first time it’s like the Irish equivalent of Whole Foods. They sell top quality food and drink, so grab a takeaway coffee there and pick up a fresh, crispy Danish pastry to take with you to start your morning. The have many locations including Morehampton Road, Donnybrook and Baggot Street which is the closest of them all to the RDS.


6. Bakers

Bakers is one of our favourite cafés in the ‘burbs. They have two locations, Donnybrook and Hanover Quay which are both around a 10 minute drive away. Handy for people coming from either direction. While their location in Donnybrook doesn’t open until 9am their café in Hanover Quay opens at 8am and serves a delicious breakfast, handy for anyone staying in the Marker or around the ‘Google Ghetto’ (also known as Grand Canal Dock)!


5. The Bridge 1859

The Bridge 1859 is the new kid on the block but has already gained a great reputation for their food. While they usually open at 11am, they’re opening early every morning of the Web Summit to host networking breakfasts where they are serving up delicious food and great coffees. Definitely one of the coolest spots in Ballsbridge.


4. Juniors

It’s true that the coffee is quite good in Juniors, but we’d be lying if we said the coffee isn’t just an excuse to get in the door and sink our teeth into one of the best sandwiches in Dublin. This tiny little cafe is jam packed with all the Google and Facebook workers who know that the food and drink here is worth waiting for.


3. Roly’s

Roly’s is a Dublin institution and while their restaurant is probably what they’re best known for, their cafe opens at 7.30am and is only a minute away from the RDS. Start your day with a scone with jam and cream, or a bowl of warming porridge to accompany your cup of joe.


2. The Kiosk- Ballsbridge

The Kiosk sells the self-proclaimed ‘best coffee in Dublin’ and their coffee truly is delicious and most certainly a strong contender for the best cup of coffee in the city. It’s just a stones throw from the RDS so definitely worth the walk to this unassuming little kiosk in the middle of a road junction in Ballsbridge.


1. 3fe

At the moment 3fe are truly holding the crown as best coffee roasters in the city. If you’re coming from town then get your taxi driver to head via Grand Canal so you can pick up some of what is unquestionably the best coffee in the city. They open at 7.30am so get a tasty breakfast while you’re at it and power up your laptop to catch up on mails before heading into a day of sessions at the summit. While 3fe is not within walking distance of the RDS, Base Pizza (which sell really delicious pizza if you’re interested) are conveniently located just across the road from the RDS and serve the 3fe coffee roasts and sell the incredibly delicious Wildflour Bakery cakes.


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