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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Best Red Ales In Dublin – And Where To Find Them


It’s one of the richest and most satisfying drinks you can get, whether from a tap or a bottle – and while red ale isn’t for everyone, those who appreciate its dark, toasty notes will want to explore the ale to its full extent.

Here are ten brews you can try in Dublin – and, while some of these drinks are available in multiple locations across the city, we’ve given you a suggestion for where you might like to try them.

Got any others to add? Let us know!

Five Lamps Honour Bright Red Ale

The Headline Bar, Clanbrassil Street

With an appealing, rich copper colour and a velvety bitter taste, this is a lighter bodied red ale and best suited as a refreshing drink on a warm day.


White Gypsy Ruby Red

Various locations (off-sales)

On the sweet side of bitter, a sweet caramel taste with a toffee-roast aftertaste. This Tipperary outfit have been growing in renown due their delicate blends.


Galway Bay Bay Ale

The Brew Dock, Amiens Street

Refreshing malty taste, goes down very well with a bite to eat.


Franciscan Well Rebel Red

The Taphouse, Ranelagh

A subtle, malty tasting ale brewed in the centre of Cork City. Southerners have been drinking this for years, but it’s only recently catching on in Dublin.


J.W. Sweetman Irish Red Ale

J.W. Sweetman, O’ Connell Bridge

This sweet red ale, with rich flavours from its munich and pale malts really hits the spot.


O’ Hara’s Irish Red

P Mac’s, Stephen Street

Nice try tasting brew, fast becoming a staple Irish red. Subtle shades of caramel, milk chocolate and dried red berries make for a very satisfying taste.


Porterhouse Red

Porterhouse Temple Bar

Fruity, but not overwhelmingly so; well complimented by a very nice creamy texture meaning this one goes down really smooth.


Wicklow Wolf Amber

The Harbour Bar, Bray

We’re venturing outside the pale slightly here – in a number of senses of the word – but this brew from the Bray-based newcomers delivers a caramel nose and a citrussy taste with just the right amount of bitterness. Yum.


Flying Dog Red Ale

Against the Grain, Camden Street

Fantastic both in terms of style and presentation. Dry, medium bodied with a dark ruby red colour and creamy head. Faint apricot and toffee flavours give this one an edge.


Rascal’s Big Hop Red

The Black Sheep, Capel Street

Zesty with a pine-infused aroma. Big Hope Red blends a taste of West Coast America with classic red ale.


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