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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Sweet Potato Fries In Dublin


Sweet potato fries have become increasingly more popular over the past few years.

While there used to only be one or two spots across town where you could get your fix, we’re delighted that they are on practically every restaurant’s menu now. Not only are they super tasty, and a lower carb option than regular fries, but they’re also suitable for anyone on the paleo diet.

Now we can’t guarantee that they’re better for you when doused in whatever type of sauce your heart desires, but we can all agree that they are absolutely delicious. So here’s our list of the top 10 sweet potato fries…

10. Aussie BBQ

You need to work up a serious appetite before heading to Aussie BBQ. Their speciality is heaps and heaps of meat with crispy sweet potato fries, and at insanely low prices. Great spot.


9. Burritos & Blues

The fact that you can get a burrito with a side of sweet potatoes is just unbelievable. Three locations across town to choose from, and if you ask really nicely you can get sour cream and cheese on top.


8. Cleaver East

This restaurant in Temple Bar has so many great things about it, but their sweet potato fries accompanied by chorizo mayo have to be tasted to be believed. Amazing stuff.

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7. TapHouse

Come for their sliders, stay for their sweet potato fries – everything you want them to be salty yet sweet, crispy yet chewy. Perfect for dipping in the spicy mayo which accompanies them, and make sure you sprinkle their homemade vinegar over them for an extra kick.


6. The Counter

If ever there was a burger joint full of choice, it has to be the Counter. Building your own burger can be tough at times when faced with far too many toppings options, but they keep things simple with their unreal sweet potato fries. Maybe plan to share though, because the portion is enormous!


5. Just Wing It

Now, the fact that this is a restaurant dedicated entirely to chicken wings should be enough of a deal sealer. But on top of that their sides are so enticing – we love their fully loaded fries but their sweet potato fries are particularly special, and don’t even get us started on the range of dips to accompany them… They’re well worth taking a road trip to Tallaght for, or else keep an eye out for them at music festivals over the summer!

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4. Taco Taco

A relatively new spot on the Dublin food scene, but when they’re good, they’re very good. Now it could be argued that their mains are so filling that there’s no need for sides, but if someone tells you that just ignore them – you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Their sweet potato fries are coated in sumac, chilli and pomegranate. Sound weird, but they’re insanely good.

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3. Yamamori Izakaya

We know what you’re thinking – a Japanese restaurant that serves sweet potato fries? Bit weird, no? No. You can get sushi, dim sum, duck pancakes, and a side serving of sweet potato wedges. They’re pretty chunky but perfectly crispy on the outside with a soft and almost fluffy inside.

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2. Bunsen

There’s something so nice about a simple menu – you’re not bombarded with options, and the food is of the highest quality. Bunsen’s sweet potato fries are just like all the rest of their grub – flawless. Keep things simple with a squidge of Heinz ketchup and one of Hellman’s mayonnaise, and dip to your heart’s content, or else you can dip them in your milkshake if you’re feeling super adventurous…

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1. Jo’Burger

These guys had to come in first place, even though they’re technically cubes not fries but sure look. A portion of these is the equivalent of a bag of pick ‘n’ mix – super sweet and moreish, and you may find yourself regretting saying you’d share! Delish.


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