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20th Dec 2016

Top 10 Cocktail Bars To Indulge In This Christmas


It’s a fact that no matter how broke you are, you’re never going to scrimp on a few nights out with family and friends over Christmas. With that in mind we decided that we needed to put together a list of the absolute top places to go for the most delicious cocktails in the city. If you’re going to splash out on a night out this Christmas, you may as well do it in style.

10. Diep Le Shaker

While Diep is somewhere a lot of people tend to think of for just food (and takeaways), their restaurant on Pembroke Street is fast becoming well known as a hot spot for the most incredible cocktails to indulge in alongside mouth watering Thai food. The won the award for best cocktail at the recent Dublin Cocktail Fest, so definitely check them out for a Christmas night out with a twist.


9. 37 Dawson Street

One of the most popular bars on Dawson Street, which is undoubtedly one of the best streets for a night out in Dublin, you can guarantee that 37 will be jointed for all of Christmas. So soak up the atmosphere and enjoy a few cocktails because Christmas comes but once a year!


8. Peruke & Periwig

Snugged away on Dawson Street, Peruke & Periwig is becoming more well known for their cocktails than their food as they mix together concoctions like ‘unicorn tears’!


7. The Mint Bar – Westin Hotel

Maybe not the first place that comes to mind when you try to think of where to go for a few Christmas cocktails, but The Mint Bar in the Westin Hotel does some of the best cocktails in the city and has accumulated many awards including their most recent award last week for the best hotel cocktail bar in the country. Their gin cocktails are mouth watering and the bar itself is slick.


6. The Exchequer

An old Dublin favourite and nestled in the centre of town, The Exchequer D2 provides an oasis of calm for when you’ve just had enough of the mass Christmas panic of Grafton Street. Slip away for a sneaky whiskey cocktail here and say hello to Christmas!


5. The Marker Hotel

You may need to take a loan out from the bank if you’re planning a night of cocktail drinking here, but you can’t argue with the fact that they make cracking cocktails. While it might be a bit chilly for the rooftop bar, the Marker is still going to be absolutely jointed over the holidays with people wanting to splash out on a special night.


4. Izakaya

This place is absolutely hopping at the weekends and you positively have to try their whiskey sours. Go upstairs first for a delicious meal of Japas (Japanese tapas) in the restaurant part, their dumplings have to be tried to be believed, before heading downstairs to the bar for some whiskey sours as you party the night away!


3. The Blind Pig

The Blind Pig is a favourite amongst the team in Lovin Dublin. You’ll have to book a table in advance but it’s worth the effort when you punch a secret code to let you in past a giant metal gate, down an alley, through a back door and down a stairs to enjoy a night in Dublin’s favourite speakeasy. All the cocktails are delicious and while we love the Royal Flush and the New York Sour, at this time of year you absolutely have to try their Gingerbread Daiquiri… Christmas in a cocktail glass!


2. The Liquor Rooms

If you can get over the initial thought of ‘argh, fire hazard’, you’ll no doubt have an incredible night in this hidden gem on Wellington Quay. This underground cocktail bar is decorated like your granny’s house (if she was on crack cocaine), and the cocktails themselves taste incredible. ‘The Billionaire’ is our favourite, you have to try it!


1. Vintage Cocktail Club

You have to know where you’re going here, and there’s nothing more thrilling than knocking on an unmarked door and climbing up a rickety, old carpeted stairs to be led into one of Dublin’s best kept secrets. This cocktail bar is incredible, if you haven’t booked a table then go up to the top floor where they open the roof up so you can watch the sky above whilst sipping away on one of the most incredible cocktails in the city (try the Dark and Stormy if you’re a rum fan). Pure decadence.


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