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22nd Jun 2022

Harry Styles spotted at the Vico with a bag of cans

Fiona Frawley

Harry Styles at the Vico in Dublin
Image via Twitter/katelynhallows

A holy pilgrimage for all celebrities visiting Ireland.

On a sunny day, the pressure of jumping in at the Vico as the line of seasoned sea swimmers builds steadily behind you is intense enough. If you’re Harry Styles, I’d imagine it’s amplified somewhat.

Ahead of his sold out Aviva Stadium concert tonight Harry Styles was seen strolling down the Vico steps yesterday, with a crew of excitable stans behind him and what appears to be a bag of cans in his hand. Harry seems to have gone for a Support Local double whammy – the bag is from Tower Records and the cans, upon close inspection of the bag, are Guinness. Cue the influx of Irish people rushing to show him the pouring techniques we perfected over lockdown.

Like Matt Damon before him, it’s probable Harry will become the inspiration for a series of cocktails in another Dalkey village pub after his high-profile dip. With a sold out show ahead of him tonight, maybe he’ll just lay low for the day – but who’s to say he won’t pop up at another popular Dublin spot during the rest of his stay? We could see him carrying that bag of cans all the way to the Grand Canal and spending the afternoon swan-watching – it’s all to play for.

Header image via Twitter/katelynhallows

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