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09th Nov 2019

Shawn Mendes recalls Dublin incident as his “most embarrassing drunk moment”

James Fenton

Embarrassing drunk moments in Dublin. Most of us have had them and it appears that Canadian singing sensation Shawn Mendes is no different.

The only distinction is that while most of us can get over the fear and carry on with our lives, Mendes continues to be asked about his most infamous alcohol-induced faux pas by his millions of fans.

Regular readers might recall that the Stitches singer was turned away from Bruxelles back in April for being too young and it’s something that he clearly hasn’t forgotten about.

Attending a fan Q&A, the 21-year-old was asked what his most embarrassing drunk moment was and he responded by saying “I wasn’t allowed into a bar in Dublin one time. It was so embarrassing. It wasn’t because of anything, I just wasn’t old enough. I was like ‘What do you mean, I’m 20!’ and they were like, ‘No it’s 25, mate’.

The exchange was posted on Twitter by a fan site and you can watch it below:

Shawn Mendes is currently on the New Zealand leg of his tour and will perform in Auckland this evening. He will then have a bit of a break before kicking off the South American leg in Sao Paulo on November 29.

Hopefully the next time he heads for Dublin he remembers where he can and can’t get into. We’ve all been there, Shawny Boy.

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