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WATCH: Shawn Mendes Gets Refused From Dublin Pub After His 3Arena Show

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Shawn Mendes was spotted getting refused from a popular city centre pub while he was in Dublin for a run of shows at the 3Arena during the week.

The 20-year-old singer hasn’t shied away from his hordes of young fans this week – he was seen strolling around Grafton Street and happily posed for plenty of photos on more than one occasion.

But the Stitches singer ran into a bit of trouble when he tried to have a drink in town after one of his shows and was seen getting refused by the bouncers at Bruxelles.

Mendes was filmed getting rejected from the hugely popular pub off Grafton Street but it was for a good reason – he’s still under 21 which goes against the bar’s age policy.

The Canadian star and his pals took it well and went on their way; they were later seen going into the McDonald’s on Grafton Street where Shawn posed for more selfies with fans.

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