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10th Oct 2023

Jack Whitehall screens rugby match at his Dublin comedy gig after scheduling ‘mistake’

Fiona Frawley

Jack Whitehall Dublin gig

”I am well aware I f***ed up.”

While most of the country were watching on as Ireland beat Scotland in the Rugby World Cup on Saturday night, comedian Jack Whitehall took to the stage of Dublin’s 3Arena as part of his Settle Down tour, where he apologised to the crowd for the “major mistake” of scheduling the show at the same time as the game in Paris.

”I am well aware I f***ed up,” Whitehall told the audience. “Major mistake. I come in peace, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise either, f***ing three weeks ago I crawled into the group chat messaging all of my Irish mates. ‘So are you coming to the gig in three weeks’. ‘What time is it Jack?’. ‘8pm, October 7, Saturday night’.

“‘The same as Ireland vs Scotland, are you a fecking eejit?’. Yes I fecking am. Give me a cheer if you did not realise that when you purchased a ticket.”

Jack Whitehall screens Ireland vs Scotland at Dublin gig

In an effort to appease the crowd, the English comedian screened the last few minutes of the match which saw Ireland win against the Scots in the Stade de France.

“Let’s just put it on the big screen. I could not appreciate you more for coming out tonight and forgetting the rugby. You’re going to get through to the final and win the whole thing,” he said.

The comic then proceeded to commentate on the game, much to the delight of the audience, who cheered as the final whistle went, singing a rendition of “Óle, óle, óle”.

Finishing off his set, Whitehall said: “This has definitely been one of the most memorable shows of my career. I’ll never forget tonight. I feel like I’m in the Colosseum tonight.

“I’m just going to show rugby matches, what’s the point in writing jokes?”

Nicely played, Jack. If you can’t beat them…

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