WATCH: 'Man With Box' Has Unfortunate Moment In Background Of News Report

We've all been there...

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As Tony McGregor will testify, technology at some Dublin train stations can take some getting used to. Even though Tony struggled with the nuances of the DART while wearing a slim-fit suit, at least he wasn't carrying a box with him at the time like this unfortunate soul.

During a news report on Virgin Media, the box-laden man strolls into the background at Heuston Station, pops his ticket in the machine before realising that he'll have to manoeuvre his way back again when the system fails him.

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Not wholly hilarious in the grand scheme of things but the little pause and realisation while weighed down by a massive box makes for great live TV. You can view the incident below around 1.25 mark or alternatively, check out the link posted by Remirg on Reddit, here.

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