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20th Dec 2016

Lovin Dublin City Spotlight – Drury Street


Drury Street is fast becoming a street known as a food destination within the city. It’s been building up the number of speciality cafés and restaurants over the years. That coupled with the fact that the independent stores on the street are selling the most beautiful and creative clothes, furniture and jewellery, it’s one of the most fresh and exciting parts of the city.

When it comes to coffee Kaph is our go-to, and they serve up delicious matcha lattes too for the non-coffee drinkers. You can pick up your coffee, grab a few macaroons from Cocoa Atelier next door and window shop the incredible antique jewels on display in Farringtons. Raglan has recently opened bringing a surf vibe to the street as it serves up coffee next to rails of urban street wear. For food you can grab a virtuous lunch from Blazing Salads, have a delicious lunch or dinner in Drury Buildings or a fish feast in Super Miss Sue before a pint in The Hairy Lemon.

The street is also known for shopping and Om Diva is definitely the best vintage shop in the city that also sells new clothes from exciting, emerging Irish designers upstairs. If you are flash with cash then check out Industry for some stunning homeware pieces. The street is packed with must visit spots, best thing to do is get down there and explore for yourself. But first, check out this stunning photo series of the street shot by Derek Kennedy.

MG 3056
MG 3073
MG 3069
MG 3063
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MG 3095
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