13 Of The Most Instagrammable Restaurants In Dublin Right Now

By jo

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Oh you may laugh – but we know who you are.

Every lunch, brunch and cocktail is documented via Snapchat story and Instagram account. 

You love nothing more than a good ol' #foodporn post and will happily stand over a plate, iPhone tilted at an awkward angle, all in the name of the perfect pic.

There's absolutely no shortage of gorgeous Dublin hotspots to satisfy you – but we've selected 13 of the most Instagrammable restaurants in which to get your snap on.

1. Bow Lane 

The interiors in this Aungier Street restaurant are something else.

Exposed brick walls, parquet floors and geometric tiles, cool prints, not to mention the food. Throw a cocktail into the mix and you've got the most Instagrammable brunch of your life. 

2. 777

This Mexican joint looks as good as it tastes.

Sit at the bright orange bar on a swivel chair while you drink Margharitas and eat tacos. The very definition of #foodporn.

3. Balfes

Let's get fancy. Balfes brasserie in The Westbury Hotel is all about a plush dining experience. 

No plastic cutlery in here, oh no. Expect beautifully presented cuisine, marble tables, deep leather booths and very flattering lighting – perfect for that post-meal selfie. 

4. Crackbird

It's an oldie but a goodie.

In fact, Crackbird is kind of the original Instagrammable restaurant. This former pop-up sparked a hipster revolution in Dublin when it first launched, and it still packs a punch thanks to its simple wooden benches, cute ramekins and silver buckets and, of course... that chicken. 

5. Bibis Café

Bibis in Portobello is an Instagrammer fave.

Outside, beautiful people sit with their dogs sipping tea. Inside, the airy and elegant café serves eggs, sweet treats and excellent coffee on mismatched tables that were MADE for a daycent flatlay. 

6. Yamamori Izakaya

Everything about Yammers screams 'Instagram me". Dragon murals, enormous buddha statues, Japanese lanterns and more mouth-watering Japas than you can shake a chopstick at. 

7. Angelina's 

The very good-looking sister to Sophie's at The Dean, the canal-side restaurant is a haven. They serve one hell of a pizza, the decor is seriously cool and let;s face it, this Grapefruit Fizz was made for a Facebook check-in pic. 

8. Pichet 

A recent refurb has put this French eatery firmly on our list. Everything from the neon signage outside, chic tiled floors inside, pristine white napkins and pretty plates make for a beautiful meal. 

9. Cleaver East 

Cleaver has a distinctly masculine look to it. We love the carnivore-friendly decor (mainly meat hooks and cleavers). Add a slab of steak and you're good to gram. 

10. Forest & Marcy 

Forest & Marcy is a new addition and it's just as Instagrammable as its sister restaurant, Forest Avenue.

Check out those pendant lighting fixtures and that plate - it's a work of art. 

11. Coppinger Row

Not only is the interior of Coppinger Row totally Instagrammable, but if you perch yourself outside at one of their street-side tables you can gram in the sunshine. Picture perfection. 

12. Super Miss Sue / Cervi 

SMS & Cervi are more Instagrammable per square inch than any other restaurant in the city. 

To be fair, anywhere with murals of Roz Purcell hanging out with a deep sea diver is going to be a winner.  

13. Luncheonette 

This stellar café in NCAD is Dublin's best kept secret. The eatery is dark, lit with tiny lights and decorated with fresh flowers and furnished with long benches, and excellent (unbelievably cheap) fine-looking food.

Get in.