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18th May 2017

9 Gorge Lunches And Where To Eat ‘Em Outside In The Sunshine Today


The pain of sitting in a stuffy, indoor office all day is real – especially when the sun is shining. 

Fortunately, there’s a remedy to make this evil necessity much less painful. 

Dublin is loaded with serene spots to snag a takeaway and eat outdoors. If you’re in the mood to nip out for a break, have a nice wander, and guzzle down a tasty lunch, here are your go-to spots. 

1. St. Stephen’s Green – Tang

Smack in the city centre lies your perfect setup for an outdoor lunch spot. Although it is surrounded by accessible and tasty restaurants, I suggest popping into Tang for some healthy, and extremely tasty, grub. 

It’s perfectly acceptable to sprawl out in the grass and pig out.

Either way, enjoy the sun and the wrap or salad box – they won’t last long. 

Stephens Green
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2. Drury Street – Blazing Salads

You’d never think that a little narrow street would be nice to enjoy a takeaway on, but Drury Street just has the nicest feel for it. Especially in the sun.

It’s laid back and quiet, but right near the buzz of the rest of the city centre. There’s a few amazing places to grab a delish coffee, and loads of yummy options in the area.

Blazing Salads has my heart, and it’s basically an only takeaway spot. There are a few nice benches along the street that suit well for an afternoon break. 

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3. Docklands – Lolly and Cooks

The Docklands offer amazing outdoor sitting areas to take a breather from the office, sit back and creep on people. 

Handpick a fabulous salad combo at Lolly and Cooks and take it to go.

Hooow lovely. 

Grand Canal Dock

4. Grand Canal & Chatham Street – Cocu

Both Grand Canal & Stephen’s Green benches make for excellent spots to unwind and enjoy something nice to eat. 

I would snag a salad box at Cocu, for a nutritious and easy to eat dish to eat on the go. 

Grand Canal

5. The Quays – Boojum

If you’d like to gaze upon the River Liffey but stay away from the hustle and bustle of the people, take a seat along the Quays to relax.

Boojum has great burritos, nachos and Mexican food in general, and it’s all for takeaway.

Sounds like the ideal combination to me. 

Shutterstock 7192819

6. The Iveagh Gardens – Green Bench Café

Here’s one of the most elegant and calming places in the city centre. During lunchtime it may be a bit mad, but defo worth going for a squat.

Pick up something fresh at Green Bench Cafe before heading over – they make everything from scratch, so you’re guaranteed a nice pick-me-up. 

All of this while gazing at the running waterfalls and breathing fresh air. Perfect. 

Shutterstock 146250794
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7. St Patrick’s Park – Fumbally 

A bit off the beaten path, but certainly worth it for the views and the food. St. Patrick’s Park is a delightful spot to de-stress under the trees and in the colourful garden. 

Fumbally has an array of takeaway dishes to load up in a box, all full of flavour. It’s just near the park, too, so it’d be nearly a sin to not soak up the weather – if it’s nice, that is. 

Patricks Park

8. Merrion Square – Sushi King

Another centrally located spot with restaurants and cafes all around to choose from. Have a gawk and a walk through the green trails.

Sushi King is just around the corner, where you can get a nice feed that’s easy to scruff down with friends or on your own. 

Lunch will be the best hour of the day, here. 

Merrion Square
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9. Dublin Castle – Ray’s Pizza

Here’s a nice, relaxing spot we all forget about, as it’s quite hidden behind that beautiful castle. Fortunately, its easily accessible and a lovely place to venture to during your break.

As we know, Dame Street lacks anything but places to grab food, so your options are nearly endless. If you’re in the mood for a cheesy delight, though, go for Ray’s Pizza.

It’s fair priced, easy on the go and tastes even nicer next to a castle. 

Dublin Castle
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Enjoy dat sun.

Header image: @stohealthy on Instagram. 

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