Kakilang are getting on the road with new trailer opening this weekend

By Fiona Frawley

June 10, 2022 at 4:29pm


The popular bubble tea and Taiwanese street food spot is expanding.

When Kakilang closed for a day this week to take their staff on a trip to Milan (solidifying their status as the soundest bosses we've ever heard of), they mentioned they had a lot of "exciting news" to announce. Today, the first big announcement has dropped - Kakilang have secured a new trailer, and will be using it to serve up their culinary delights in Tallaght's Tymon Park this weekend.

Kakilang's post on Instagram revealing their snazzy new wheels reads:

So here’s our first BIG announcement! We will be back in the market with our brand new trailer serving delicious bubble tea and hot food. 

If you haven't popped into Kakilang's Bachelors Walk spot yet, and live in the Tymon Park area, we'd definitely recommend a trip out to them this weekend. If you need more convincing, I'm just going to leave this pic of their popcorn chicken and fries drizzled in sriracha mayo right here.


The stuff of dreams.

Kakilang are also known and loved for their bubble teas, deliciously wobbly soufflé pancakes with freshly prepared cheese foam and their tasty Taiwanese chicken steak.


Kakilang open in Tymon Park this Saturday (11th), open 11am-4pm.

They've also mentioned that '2 more secrets' will be revealed soon - we'll be keeping our eyes peeled.

Header image via Instagram/kakilang.ie

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