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20th Dec 2016

Meet Temaki, The Sushi You Eat Like An Ice-Cream Cone


The Dublin sushi obsession is in full swing – all you have to do is look at the queues out the door of Zakura every lunchtime, or the new sushi spots that have popped up in Portobello and on Aungier Street recently.

But, what if I told you that there’s a better, more fun way to consume sushi than 8 rolls of norimaki and a side of edamame? Another absolutely delicious way to consume sushi but with your hands?

Enter temaki, your new best friend. Quite a few sushi places around the city have temaki on their menu, but here’s our pick of the best places to get your sushi cone fix…

Rafa’s Temaki

Believe it or not, this is Ireland’s first dedicated Temakeria. Based in the Epicurean Food Hall this is the perfect spot to pop in and grab a roll when you’re on the go.

Go for the cream prawn temaki, it’s insanely decadent!


This sushi spot has two restaurants – one on Camden Street and one on Upper Baggot Street.

From a mere glance at their extensive menu you know they’re the real deal with lots of hot meals to choose from as well as endless sushi options.

Hidden down on their menu at the very bottom of the nosimaki offerings you’ll see temaki at number 36, all you have to do is decide what fillings to put in your order.



This restaurant is perfect for anyone living in the Terenure or Harold’s Cross area.

You can order sushi by the boatload – no like, they literally serve their sushi platters in wooden boat structures. Tani’s an unbelievable spot for authentic temaki with fantastic staff.

Musashi Sushi

Musashi is the sister restaurant of Zakura, based on the other side of the Liffey on Capel Street and in the IFSC.

As with Zakura, one of the main struggles you’ll face is wanting to order one of everything from their sushi menu – believe me!

It’s super handy if you work in and around either locations, as you can call ahead to order your lunch and then pick it up. Sorted!

Michie Sushi

A bit of a hidden gem tucked away in Ranelagh that does absolutely incredible temaki.

Come for the temaki, stay for the everything else, and live out the rest of your days in a sushi-filled haven. The dream!

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