One of Dublin's fave bakeries is open for sit-in once more

By Fiona Frawley

October 12, 2021 at 5:13pm


Nature has gone from healing, to almost completely healed.

What was once a bruise has faded away leaving... the regular skin that was there previously before the bruise. You know yourself.

The final element for us is being able to eat a Bread 41 croissant off an actual plate. It's the true signifier that Things Are Going Well™, and a moment we've dreamed of for over nineteen months.

And luckily, our dreaming days are over.


Everyone's fave spot for a feed of twice baked almond croissants and sourdough has reopened its doors for sit in service once more. Bread 41 served the people of Dublin and beyond loyally throughout the pandemic from their Pearse Street hatch, even providing free sourdough starter for eager beavers looking to begin their home-baking journey. As someone who spent nearly 2 years attempting to bake a loaf of banana bread that was in any way palatable, I'm delighted to be handing the baton back over to the professionals.

Speaking on Instagram, Bread 41 thanked their customers for their support over the last nineteen months, adding that they were "Very happy to ask you back inside". Expect queues out the door and everyone wearing their Sunday Best and getting curly blow dries to pop in for their morning flattie. It's Christmas come early.

Header image via Instagram/bread41dublin

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