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06th Feb 2020

Sprezzatura becomes first Irish restaurant to help customers offset their carbon footprint

Sarah Finnan

offset carbon emissions as Sprezzatura

Pasta with a side of sustainability.

New kids on the block, Sprezzatura are killing it on the sustainability front.

Focused on producing as little waste as possible they already serve all drinks on tap and implement a card only payment scheme to help them in their endeavours.

Next on the agenda? Helping customers offset their carbon footprint while dining.

Teaming up with Mossy Earth, a company that helps people and businesses offset their carbon emissions by planting trees, Sprezzatura is the first restaurant in Ireland to give customers the chance to add a tree to their bill.–H5sM/

The popular Italian eatery in Dublin has aspired to implement as many sustainable practices as possible since opening in October of last year with other practices in place including the use of renewable power, cutting down on food waste and being paperless by relying on menu boards and e-receipts.

Aiming to help customers understand the concept of offsetting carbon emissions, they’re hoping to show just how easy it is to do so. As easy as buying a tree in fact.

And in true Sprezzatura fashion, it will cost you less than a tenner.

Simply add €6.75 to the end of your bill and you’ll be emailed a photo of your sapling once it’s been planted, along with its GPS coordinates…you know, in case you ever want to go out and visit it to say hi.

offset carbon emissions

How does this offset anything you ask?

Paying for the planting of a tree helps to offset the transportation of wine and ingredients as well as their journey to and from Sprezzatura.

Speaking on the matter, owner Thom Lawson said:

“We are very proud that a dining experience at Sprezzatura can be completely CO2 neutral and one meal can help replant native trees to Ireland. This not for profit venture is completely new for us and we look forward to the journey ahead with Mossy Earth.”

The first business in Ireland to start working with Mossy Earth, the hope is that this will pave the way for other businesses to follow suit and come on board too.

Matt Davies founder of Mossy Earth said:

“We are so delighted that our first Irish partner is a business as like-minded as Sprezzatura. Our goal at Mossy Earth is to strategically plant so as to restore ecosystems, bring back native forests and promote biodiversity…it’s important that we all do our part.”

Carbs without the guilty conscience sounds like a winning concept to me.

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