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25th Aug 2019

The Blanchardstown Krispy Kreme Is The Company’s Most Profitable Branch In The World

James Fenton

Irish people love doughnuts, of that there is no doubt.

For proof, all you have to do is cast your mind back to the autumn of 2018 when Krispy Kreme opened in Blanchardstown and queues of hungry doughnut-lovers snaked around the corners and down the road.

For weeks afterwards, locals complained of late-night noise resulting from the store’s 24-hour drive-through service, but once the teething problems were dealt with, Krispy Kreme became a welcome addition to the Blanchardstown Centre’s food scene.

While one could guess that the store has exceeded expectations, not many would have foreseen that it would become the most profitable Krispy Kreme in the world. Well, according to new figures, that’s exactly what has happened.

From September 29 until the end of December last year, the Blanchardstown branch took in an average of €296,923 per week, which works out at  €42,417 per day.

This made it Krispy Kreme’s best performing store worldwide, beating off competition from 31 countries in 1,300 outlets internationally. Not a bad start to its existence, it has to be said.

Just days ago, it emerged that the company was hoping to add another Dublin branch, most likely in the city centre, meaning Dubliners could soon be able to enjoy double the amount of Krispy Kreme deliciousness.

Sunday treat, anyone?

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