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05th Feb 2021

TikToker takes the crisp sambo to another level

Brian Dillon

TikToker takes crisp sambos to the next level

Ah, the humble crisp sambo. It brings us comfort when we’re down by reverting us right back to childhood. The combination of carbs with, well, more carbs is simply magical.

This TikTok account, Food Made Simple, has taken our much-loved delicacy and given it a crispier, boujee twist.

So, you’re probably used to buttering one side on two pieces of bread. Well, not anymore.

First of all, you’re going to grab two bags of crisps. Then, you’re going to smash the hell out of them until the crisps are gloriously crumbly.

After that. butter two slices of bread on both sides and place them on the crumbly crispy goodness you’ve just created. And then you’re going to throw on you fillings such as ham, cheese, lettuce, etc. And voila, a different take on the classic beloved crisp sambo.

Check out the TikTok video below.


@foodmadesimple#foodmadesimple #food #foodtok #foodtiktok This was really good

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