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23rd Jan 2018

Dublin Hotel Owner Has Now Stood Up For THAT Blogger That He Previously Called Out

Darragh Berry

Okay, try and keep up but we’ve got to warn you, it’s harder than it seems. 

Paul Stenson, owner of The Charleville Lodge Hotel and The White Moose Café, recently received a message from someone who claimed they “work as a social media influencer” with “over 87,000 YouTube subscribers as well as 76,000 Instagram followers” who wanted to give Stenson “exposure” in exchange for a free stay at the hotel.

Stenson then proceeded to have a field day with this message on social media but the influencer, who outed herself as 22-year-old Elle Darby from Bath, was quick to defend herself on YouTube believing that she hadn’t done anything wrong.

The owner then sent Darby an invoice worth over €4m stating that he had gotten Darby got so much free exposure because of the whole thing (through articles and the like), that she actually owed him money.

Well, it’s taken another twist and on Monday evening, we witnessed a side to Stenson that is normally not shown on social media. 

He took to Twitter and said that the influencer in question had received an untold amount of abuse online and told the public that they could pick on him instead.

The tweet reads: “Some of the comments the girl (who I have never once named) is getting on her Insta are horrible. I don’t condone these comments and I think it’s time people laid off her. Insult me all you like, but leave the girl alone. She fucked up. She’s learnt her lesson. The end.”

Hopefully, this can be all put to bed now. 

Main image via Humans of Dublin/Peter Varga and YouTube

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