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20th Jan 2018

PIC: A Dublin Hotel Owner Is Sending An Invoice To THAT ‘Social Media Influencer’ After Online Controversy


Have you managed to miss out on the clash between a local hotel owner and an English social influencer? Allow us to catch you up.

Paul Stenson, owner of The Charleville Lodge Hotel and The White Moose Café, recently received a message from someone who claimed they “work as a social media influencer” with “over 87,000 YouTube subscribers as well as 76,000 Instagram followers” who wanted to give Stenson “exposure” in exchange for a free stay at the hotel.

Stenson then proceeded to have a field day with this message on social media but the influencer, who outed herself as 22-year-old Elle Darby from Bath, was quick to defend herself on YouTube believing that she hadn’t done anything wrong.

The whole situation has caused quite a stir online, getting coverage across a number of publications including The LAD Bible, The Daily Mail and Business Insider.

In fact, it’s gotten so much coverage that Stenson believes that Darby owes him for all this free exposure…

How the tables have turned. 

Now let us wait for the blogger’s response.

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