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16th Oct 2019

Dublin City Council Want To Remove More Of Subset’s Artwork

Sarah Finnan

Dublin City Council has once again ordered for the removal of one of Subset’s murals, this time targeting the ‘Think & Wonder’ piece on Grantham Street.

Part of a wider series of artworks titled ‘Mental Health’, the mural aims to spark consideration and conversation regarding the relationship each person has with themselves.

The popular Dublin collective of artists are known for their thought-provoking street work, however, this is not the first time that they have been targeted with removal orders.

Similar rulings already having been issued over murals of rapper Stormzy, environmentalist David Attenborough and the iconic Horseboy mural in Smithfield.

In a letter issued to Subset, DCC describes the ‘Think & Wonder’ artwork as “advertising mural”, going on to say that the matter is “under investigation by the Planning Enforcement Section of Dublin City Council”.

With many crediting the group with brightening up the city, it would be a shame to see another of their masterpieces bite the dust.

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