Dublin Gang 'The Pesties' Turning Into "Proper Crime Gang" And Targeting These Areas

By Darragh Berry

January 19, 2018 at 10:33am


Earlier in the week, we told you about a Dublin gang made up of young men who were terrorising locals.

The Irish Sun has revealed that this gang calls themselves 'The Pesties' and are allegedly of African origin. 

They have been terrorising people prominently in the west and north of Dublin, carrying out vicious assaults on delivery drivers and taxi men. 

They lure them to the house by using a fake name and stolen credit cards.


The same is done with taxi drivers, the gang use fake accounts to book drivers and then they beat them up on arrival and rob them. 

They have been linked to more than 70 robberies and assaults in Dublin and are on the verge of becoming a "proper crime gang" who "don't follow any rules."

They are targeting areas such as: Mulhuddart, Ongar, Tyrrelstown and Clonee, Blanchardstown and north county Dublin but they are spreading rapidly across the city.

Two leaders of the gang are suspected to be as young as 14 and 16 years of age..


A source revealed to the publication that Gardaí have set up a special unit in order to crack down on the fear and terror that the gang is bringing to the area. 

“Gardai are genuinely worried they are looking at the emergence of a very serious criminal gang. They are keen to stamp this out quickly because otherwise it will spiral.

“Five or six gardai and a Sergeant are solely focused on taking this gang down now. It was them who charged the two young men on Wednesday and insisted strict bail conditions were put in place."

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