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15th Jan 2018

Dubliners Being Warned About Gangs In These Areas That Are Terrorising Locals

Darragh Berry

The Irish Sun is reporting that gangs of young men are terrorising locals and targeting taxi drivers in Dublin. 

They are mostly prominent in North Dublin but are starting to increase throughout the city. They have been behind a number of vicious assaults and robberies as well as threatening a number of Gardaí’s lives over the last few months.

They have already been arrested for offences such as assault causing harm, possession of offensive weapons, violent disorder and criminal damage.

Gardaí have to tread carefully around the situation as too much force has the potential to start a “mini riot”. 

A source told the publication that: 

“In the last two months gardai have linked the gang in question to 40 robberies from shops and other establishments and almost 30 robberies on person where iPhones, wallets and jewellery have been stolen. 

“Particular areas hit badly by the crew are Mulhuddart, Ongar, Tyrrelstown and Clonee, but this is spreading rapidly across the city.

“The youths are moving between Blanchardstown and north county Dublin, wreaking havoc wherever they go.

“It’s become quite bad in Balbriggan and the surrounding areas [too].

“There are three or four members of one particular gang arrested every week…and just before Christmas five of them assaulted an innocent passer-by and made threats to kill against the arresting garda. There’s no fear or respect for gardai anymore.”

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