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18th Sep 2023

Basking shark at Dublin’s Dead Zoo fitted with a nappy due to high humidity

Fiona Frawley

Dublin's Dead Zoo shark nappy

The zoo have described the nappy as a temporary support for the shark while they plan for conservation.

As Irish people, we’re all likely to struggle to some degree during a bout of humidity. For some of us, it’s relentlessly frizzy hair or the cruel return of the inner thigh chafe. For the exhibitions at Dublin’s Dead Zoo, struggles manifest in a whole new category of ways.

The popular Dublin tourist attraction is home to more than 10,000 preserved species, including a huge basking shark which hangs from the ceiling, à la the imposing blue whale skeleton at London’s Natural History Museum.

According to the Dead Zoo’s unofficial Twitter account, the shark is “very old and was put together in a rudimentary way, with the skin nailed on in several patches”. The humidity this summer took its toll on the specimen, causing a patch of its skin to slump. Sharing a photo of the shark wearing a white bandage around its middle, the account wrote:

“You may notice that our Basking Shark has been fitted with a nappy. The high humidity levels this summer softened the previously hard skin, making it pull away from the underlying form, so we had to secure it”.

The shark at Dublin’s Dead Zoo was fitted with a nappy due to high humidity. Via Twitter/DublinDeadZoo

The account added that they would “ask that visitors refrain from pointing and singing ‘Baby Shark'”, but we imagine the damage is probably already done in that department. We’d also like to apologise ourselves for putting the cursed jingle into your head – especially if you’re a parent who’s worked for years to escape it.

Dublin’s Dead Zoo reopened in August 2022 after a two year closure and is free to enter – booking is advised for groups though. You can find out more via the National Museum of Ireland website.

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