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15th Sep 2023

Have you noticed The Floozy in the Jacuzzi in Croppies Memorial Park⁠?

Katy Thornton

floozy jacuzzi croppies park

A monumental piece of art.

Dublin has so many great statues, all of which come with their own unique backstory, but today we’re looking at what has fondly become known as “The Floozy in the Jacuzzi.”

⁠Officially the statue is called Anna Livia Plurabelle, after a character who features in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake as an anthropomorphic representation of the Liffey.⁠

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Eamonn O’Doherty was commissioned by businessman Michael Smurfit in 1988 to mark Dublin’s 1,000-year anniversary.⁠

The Floozy in the Jacuzzi has been traipsed around the city;  her original site on O’Connell Street lent Dubliners to calling her the floozy and like all good names it has stuck.

However in 2001 she was moved to her now permanent home in Croppies Memorial Park near Collins Barracks, floated down the Liffey to make way for the Spire. ⁠


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