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10th Jul 2023

Ryan Tubridy’s Oireachtas appearance to be shown on huge 4k screen in Dublin pub

Fiona Frawley

Oireachtas tv screening Dublin pub

If we never make it to the World Cup again, we’ll always have Tubgate.

For the past couple of weeks, Oireachtas TV has been on in the background of pretty much every Irish household, with people who previously never even knew the channel existed glued to it like it it’s about to reveal the secret to eternal life.

While the Committee doesn’t quite possess that kind of power, they do have the ability to ask every high earning RTÉ employee to declare their salary on live telly, and descend into uproar if anyone declines to answer. It’s gripping. It’s shocking. None of us have been able to look away.

So it’s probably not surprising to hear that ahead of Ryan Tubridy and his agent Noel Kelly appearing before the Oireachtas tomorrow in relation to the ongoing RTÉ payment scandal, a number of Dublin pubs are reportedly planning on playing the action on their big screens like it’s the All Ireland Final.

Reports on Twitter that Tuesday’s Committee meeting would be broadcast on pubs across Dublin have been doing the rounds – Lovin have reached out to The Licensed Vintners Association and we’re waiting to hear back on this for certain.

However, one Dublin pub have themselves confirmed they’ll be showing all the action – and it just so happens to be the pub with the largest screen in Europe.

Announcing the event on Instagram, Dublin 2 sports bar The Camden wrote: “The Oireachtas vs Ryan Tubridy on Europe’s largest 4K screen. Don’t miss it, this might be your last chance to catch Tubridy on the big screen!”

The bar will be open from 12pm, and walk-ins are welcome. Hopefully there’ll be enough left in the barter account for pints and pub grub for everyone in the audience.

Header image via Instagram/thecamdendeluxe/latelaterte


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