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25th Apr 2023

A UK zoo is looking to hire human seagull scarers to keep the birds away

Fiona Frawley

seagulls blackpool zoo

Successful candidates must be comfortable wearing bird costumes.

Dubliners are all too familiar with the humiliating pang of having a seagull swipe your lunch right out of your hands, mid bite in some cases.

So naturally, we were interested to hear about a new tactic being implemented at Blackpool Zoo in the UK to keep the pesky gulls at bay.

Blackpool Zoo are currently looking to recruit a team of human seagull deterrents, whose duties will include dressing up in giant bird costumes to scare the seagulls away. The callout comes as both visitors and animals living in the zoo regularly experience seagulls swooping in and stealing their food.

Via Blackpool Zoo. 

The advert reads: “At Blackpool Zoo it goes without saying that we love all animals. And as a seaside resort, Blackpool is not short of seagulls.

“However, the seagulls are proving to be a bit of a nuisance when it comes to trying to steal food from our visitors and our animal enclosures.

“We need to do what we can to keep the seagulls away from our main visitor dining areas.”
The zoo’s ideal candidate for the role would be “outgoing” and “comfortable wearing a bird costume”.
Any chance of getting a similar service implemented in Stephen’s Green? Actually scrap that – Dublin seagulls are so fearless, they’d have the costume ate too.
Header image via Blackpool Zoo/Shutterstock