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13th Sep 2023

Huge snake found in Dublin woman’s bed, local pet shop appeals to find owner

Fiona Frawley

snake found in dublin woman's bed

“Shake out your bedsheets tonight folks”.

If you’ve spent years trying to get over your irrational fear that there’s a rat waiting to jump up and bite you every time you sit on the toilet, or a family of spiders living in your bedsheets, you may want to skip this story.

A Dublin pet shop is working to find the owner of a four-foot California King Snake, which was found last week curled up in an unsuspecting woman’s bed.

The woman, who does not own a snake, wrapped the reptile up in a blanket upon discovery and brought him into Kevin Street Garda Station. Owner of Shauna’s Pet Shop Shauna Kilduff is now on the search for the snake’s owner.

Speaking about the woman who found the snake, Shauna told the Irish Mirror: “I suspected she may be Brazilian and is used to seeing snakes as she was very calm about finding it.” As Shauna pointed out, “he didn’t mean to trespass”.

Shauna also told the publication that the snake is “very friendly, well fed and very healthy”.

“He is well handled and was well looked after,” she added.

The snake has been named Kevin, after Kevin Street Garda Station, and the Agricultural Department has been notified due to the species involved.

The California King Snake has been a restricted breed in Ireland since August, meaning pet shops are not allowed to sell them. However, anyone who has owned the breed since before August is allowed to keep their pet.

An appeal has been issued for the owner to come forward with proof of ownership on the Shauna’s Pet Shop social channels. So far, no one has claimed Kevin.

Header image via Instagram/Shauna’s Pet Shop/Getty 


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