WATCH: The Ireland Women's Hockey Team Got A Bit Of A Telling Off On Their Flight Back To Dublin

It was all in good fun...

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Any Irish person who has ever gone away with a sports team will know that things can can get a bit rowdy on various modes of transport along the way. It doesn't take much for a sing-song to get going and the craic tends to be off the charts.

Any Irish person who has ever reached a World Cup Final will know that things can often go up a notch. Well, given that our Women's Hockey team are the only Irish people to ever achieve this incredible feat, most of us actually don't know that but we'd pretty much guess that it's true.

We also have video evidence to give us an indication of just what it means to be the second best international team in the world at your chosen pursuit. Fresh from clinching silver medals at the World Cup in London on Sunday, our hockey girls were unsurprisingly in good spirits as the flew back to Dublin for an official homecoming on Bank Holiday Monday but their flawless rendition of Hey Baby by DJ Otzi was interrupted for a fairly understandable reason.

A member of the flight crew took to the PA system to soulfully declare that it wasn't quite safe for the girls to be out of their seats. Breaking into song, she playfully asked the team to kindly take their seats, singing "I'm sorry to be the one to bring the bad news but it's still not safe to be out of your seats."

The request was met with laughter by members of the squad and they duly obliged. You can catch the moment at the beginning of the video montage of Monday's events below.

They'll be singing and dancing for weeks it seems and who can blame them?

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