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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Early Bird Menus In Dublin Offering Insane Value And Whopper Food


Eating out can be expensive but one way that restaurants have been known to get people through the doors is by using an Early Bird or Pre-Theatre Menu. The logic here is that the restaurant will get two sittings out of their tables and help ramp up their revenue. The dishes served are often lunch items or slight variations on A La Carte menu items but as a consumer you are the big winner! Some seriously good value here and you get to try some of the best restaurants in town for a fraction of the normal price. Winner winner, chicken dinner as they say…

10th. Fallon And Byrne

Little bit on the pricier side of things but you’ll be getting three absolutely amazing courses for €29.95 with items like steak that you wouldn’t usually see on pre theatre menus. Runs all night Sunday to Friday and for an hour on Saturdays from 6pm to 7pm.


9th. Pearl Brasserie

Set in a cosy basement, this restaurant is normally quite pricey, however for just 25 Euros you will pick up two of the very finest dishes you will ever taste in your life.


8th. Whitefriar Grill

We are almost getting sick of seeing the guys on our lists but they are so consistently great and when we asked on social media tons of people suggested them. Two courses cost €19.95 and 3 courses cost €24.95, and you know when you eat here the portions are not going to be small anyway!


7th. Pichet

Available every day from 5pm to 6.30pm, 2 courses of the early bird menu costs €20 Euros and 3 cost €25. You won’t believe the quality of the cooking you get here, there is a huge selection of nice high end dishes too.


6th. The Kitchen

This one is perfect if you are in town doing a bit of shopping and want somewhere handy just off Grafton Street for an early bite. They’ll give you two courses for €19.95 of super food and special cocktail for just €6.


5th. China Sichuan

This is a steal at €20 for 2 courses or €24 for 3 courses as this is some of the best Chinese food in town. Available all evening Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and from 5.15pm to 6pm every other day.


4th. Il Primo

Tucked away on Montague lane we recently named their crab lasagne the very best in Dublin. With their tiny space, turning tables is essential but you won’t feel rushed as you eat some of the very best Italian food in town. All sorts of epic and you’ll get 3 courses of high end food for just €26.


3rd. Jaipur

Probably the absolute best value on the list. This is served in the George’s Street restaurant and you will get 3 courses with big flavours and lots of variety for just €20.99. Sure you couldn’t make it any cheaper yourself!


2nd. One Pico

Nicely tucked away in the centre of town and with the meal served between 5.30pm and 6.45pm you’ll have lots of time to head off to later activities. You simply won’t believe that you are getting food at this standard for a paltry €29.


1st. Chapter One

The argument about the best restaurant in Dublin will never get fully settled but there is no doubt Chapter One is the winner for many. Experience their Michelin starred food for just €36 which is an absolute steal. Pre Theatre bookings are taken between 5.30pm & 5.45pm (Last orders 6pm) with tables vacated in full by 7.30pm.

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