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20th Dec 2016

Top 10 Meals For Around A Tenner In Dublin


So you’re dying to go out for some nice hot lunch, but you’re trying to watch the euros after the Christmas excess.

Well fear not, because we’ve put together a great list of the top 10 places in Dublin to get a fancy meal for around a tenner (for the most part we’ve kept it under).

They might not be the ritz, but they’ll put a smile on your face.

10. 777 – The 7.77 Sundays

Not only is this one of the best restaurants in town, but they also happen to do loads of incredible of dishes and cocktails for just 7.77 every Sunday.

The only downside with this one (and the reason it isn’t higher on the list) is as soon as you taste the food, or that tequila, you’ll have had about five plates and eight cocktails further blowing the budget.


9. My Meat Wagon – €11.95 Box

Admittedly, a bit more than a tenner, but it’s worth that bit of a stretch for a box in this brilliant BBQ joint.

They’re made for takeaway, but you can eat them there as well. Savage stuff.

MeatWagon1 1

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8. Madina – €7-10

You won’t find any places in Dublin to eat a better, cheaper curry. You’ll actually feel positively flush with a tenner in here, and should expect to see a good bit of change from it.

Big inspired flavours that will help you forget about your money woes.


7. Gerry’s Fry Up – €6.50

For those of you not lucky enough to have found Gerry yet, he is an absolute gent who cooks great meals daily at a great price. The customers are a mixture of builders, suits and Guards, and everybody comes here for his great, cheap food.

You could go for his great roast dinners, but the fry up is such good value you simply won’t believe it.


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6. Boojum Burrito With The Works – Around €8 with a drink

Among the best burritos in Dublin, the food is so good and flavours so zingy that you could easily be in any high end restaurant. You’ll get some change out of a tenner with a drink and if you close your eyes you could just imagine yourself being in Mexico.


5. Gourmet Burger Kitchen – From €8

Their mouth-watering classic burger is €8 and they’ve plenty of other burgers to choose from for around the same price, if you’re feeling super flush, you can add a bottomless drink for an extra two yoyos.


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4. Fallon And Byrne Sit In – About €8

This one is a great little trick. You go up to the salad counter in here, where you can often get great pasta and other treats, and then add a couple of salads. You’ll get a good big portion for €8 and you can then take it downstairs into their wine bar and eat it.

No idea how they make money on this one, as the produce is spectacular.


3. Kanum – Daily Special for €9.95

Kanum is hands down one of the best takeaways in Dublin and every night of the week they have a special that is always €9.95. It varies from dishes like curries to sweet and sour chicken and is always served with rice and a bottle of water, so you feel like you are getting excellent value for money.


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2. Green 19 – Roast Dinner €10

A cracking way to blow a tenner.


1. Fish Shop Blackrock – About €7

You won’t get better quality produce for your money than here. The fish is super fresh and with meals under €7 you could even get a bottle of beer to drink with it. Happy days.


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