The Top 10 Plates Of Pasta In Dublin

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


If there's one dish that everyone loves, it's pasta. It's so comforting and delicious, can be made thousands of different ways and each Italian restaurant has their own signature dish. We decided to put together the 10 best pasta dishes in Dublin, just don't blame us if you end up in a food coma after checking them out!

10th. Ravioli Filled With Pumpkin and Ricotta - Carluccio's

One of the most famous Italian chefs in the world owns this place on Dawson Street and although it is a chain they do serve some great food. They went through a bad patch a couple of years ago but all seems good again and their ravioli is perfection

9th. Chorizo Linguini - Coppinger Row

One of the few Irish places to get a look in on the list but they deserve it for this decadent dish. While we're long time devotees of their meatball pasta, their chorizo linguini with parmesan and pancetta special is rich and full of flavour and the sauce is so meaty it makes you want to lick it off the plate. Worth trying if it's on the menu as a special and you can bear to tear yourself away from their meatballs!

8th. Lemon and Crab Linguine - Pizze E Porchette

Relatively new to the scene down on the docks and better known for their pizzas as their name would suggest, but they do a few mean pastas and this one is one of the best dishes you'll taste in Dublin. Fast becoming their signature dish too.

7th. Classic Genovese - San Lorenzos

One of the hottest restaurants in town at the moment and although they are more New York than full on Italian they haven't forgotten their roots as this amazing simple classic dish will show you. Also good value when you grab it for a tenner at lunch time.

6th. Beef Shin Pappardelle - Jamie’s Italian

While Jamie's Italian is a chain, they make all their pasta fresh every day and the sauces and meats that go with them are incredible. This was our favourite from their winter menu last year and we're hoping it makes a comeback this year, so rich and the beef was melt in the mouth tender. We would happily eat any of their pasta dishes though, their prawn linguini is also incredible.

5th.Tomato Spaghetti - Dunne And Crescenzi

Again a place that offer up loads of specials that change daily so you'll never be short of great pasta options here. Tucked in on South Frederick Street you'll be in heaven if you order their simple tomato spaghetti

4th. Seafood Specials - Da Mimmo

This was the local hidden gem that people in the area had as their own little secret for so long. So small that you'd only fit about 10 people in there at once and you can see straight into the kitchen.

3rd. Truffle Pasta - Terre Madre

I'd somehow never spotted this place in the past, probably because it is so tiny and well hidden. When you go in and have their signature dish of ravioli with black truffle you'll feel like all is well with the world again.

2nd. Ravioli - Pinocchio

This incredible little Italian restaurant is hidden away in the most unusual of spots under the Luas tracks. To be honest picking any of their pasta dishes over another is near impossible, but the ravioli with tomato and basil is sheer perfection. As is the meaty pappardelle!

1st. Crab Lasagne - Il Primo

You won't believe how good this dish is until you actually stick your fork (or should that be spoon?) in and try it for yourself. It has been on the menu in Il Primo for 2 decades according to the owners and you can see why. I'd never had crab lasagne anywhere until I'd had it here and to be honest I would eat this every day for the rest of my life if I could.

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