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20th Dec 2016

Peter’s Date: ‘At Night She Used To Take Her 4X4 SUV And Run Over Their Tents While They Slept’


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Peter’s story

“Went out on a date with what could be described as a tour date: girl in Dublin for short period who wants a guide/hook up while in the city.

This particular girl was Canadian, we’d been talking for a bit and I asked what her job was, typical small talk.

She said: “You seem like the type of guy who’d hate me for my job.”

I said: “Everyone has to make a living.”

She refused to budge on the matter.

Anyway a couple of drinks later she reveals that she works for the Canadian oil tarsands (world’s largest industrial project), to which I replied that it’s not that bad; as I said before everyone has to make a living.

But then, she opens up along the way about the ins and outs of her job

She’s a hostel manager for migrant workers, but a large portion of her job is union busting. She had her own elaborate system of putting people in rooms with people they hate and switching them up every couple of weeks.

Then she would create more conflict in these by stealing from the residence; clothes, money etc. She would make up rumors about everyone, telling them to anyone that would listen, always playing it off as she heard it from someone else.

She then goes on to tell me about the nocturnal aspect of her job.

The indigenous/environmental protestors would camp on the hostels land illegally. So at night she used to take her 4X4 SUV and run over their tents.

She never revealed whether or not there was anyone in these tents.

But it got worse…

I down my pint and make some excuse to leave. I follow her down the stairs of Workmans and when we come the half way landing, some tiny young guy tries to rush up past us, bumping into her.

She was a fairly strong-looking girl – probably from tearing up campsites – and she lifts this guy off the ground by the scruff of his shirt and pins him to the wall, “What the fuck are you doing?!”

I try to get between the two, and repeatedly say, “There is nothing going on here, come on now!”

She relinquishes her grip and he scampers off. I just want to get away from her before I’m in court to be a witness for aggravated assault.

So I tumble her into a taxi, never to see her again.

I hope.

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