Emer's Date: ‘He Thought I Looked Like I Was Abandoned And Felt Sorry For Me’

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Emer’s story

I was completely head over heels about this guy, and we finally got chatting one night.

One thing led to another, and we arranged to meet the next evening for a romantic ‘proper’ first date in town at a fancy, posh restaurant.

I arrived in good time, but I waited and waited for him to show up – no sign; it was not looking good. After 30 long, mortifying and painful minutes of agonising and trying to look busy with my phone, I realised he would never come.

I felt like such a fool – everybody staring and feeling sorry for the pathetic girl who was stood up. The wild night before had just been a dream – too good to be true.

But then, next thing I know, the waiter brought me over a delicious looking steak... 

... compliments of the guy with the book at the seat on his own over near the window.

He thought I looked like I was abandoned and felt sorry for me, and the next thing you know, I did end up having a very enjoyable first date over a lovely meal... only with a completely different guy to what was originally intended.

It was so much fun, so spontaneous – and the best part?

I’m still with him two years later!

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