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06th May 2020

Ice Cube shares Dublin mural of his famous “Bye, Felicia!” quote

James Fenton

Artist Emmalene Blake has been gaining plenty of attention with her Dublin-based murals in recent times.

You might remember she produced this homage to 1990s teen sitcom Sister Sister as well as this inspired Cardi B mural. A common theme in Emmalene’s recent work has been a message of social distancing, for instance, this The Police piece which is pictured below…

She has now produced another example which features rapper Ice Cube quoting his famous line from 1995 movie Friday – “Bye, Felicia!”

The piece has caught the eye of the former N.W.A man and he has even shared it on his own Twitter feed, which can be found here.

Naturally, Emmalene is quite proud of the shoutout, sharing it on her Instagram Stories yesterday…

As Emmalene says herself, it’s “Bye, Felicia!” until May 18 before some social distancing rules are relaxed.

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