10 Dublin Restaurants That We've Been Seriously Impressed With This Year

Definitely add these to your list

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We're spoiled in Dublin to have new restaurants opening every other week but unfortunately, not all are created equal.

There's nothing more disappointing than splashing out on a nice dinner only for it to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, both figuratively and literally, so we've rounded up some of our favourite discoveries so far this year.

From fine dining to tasty snacks, you won't go too far wrong with these guys...

1. Dublin Pizza Company

"This Is The Best Meal I've Had In Four Years Of Writing For Lovin Dublin"

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2. Eatokyo

"The Delicious Inner City Sushi Restaurant You've Probably Passed Countless Times"

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3. Thundercut Alley

"This Deadly New Smithfield Bar And Restaurant Is All Your 80s Dreams Come True"

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4. Bread And Bones

"This Is Where You'll Find Delicious And Authentic Asian Food In The City Centre"

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5. Fishbone

"A New Fish Lover's Paradise On The Northside"

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6. Rosa Madre

"Amazing Italian Food In a Restaurant You've Probably Never Even Heard Of"

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7. Luna

"This Restaurant Makes Your Feel Excited And Cherished All At The Same Time"

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8. Featherblade

"I Thought The Best Burger In Dublin Was Impossible To Equal - Then I Discovered This Masterpiece"

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9. Richmond

"This Is A Dining Experience That Made Me Pinch Myself"

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10. Meet Me In The Morning

"You Have To Try This Savage New Dublin Café Before The Masses Descend"

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Marie Madden

Marie is Editor of The Lovin Group.Having entered the 'this place is too loud' phase of her life, she spends her weekends on a quest to find the perfect bottle of red wine and rates coleslaw as one of the great evils in the world.